Help With A Array Query


Basically what I have is a price field where prices of properties have been entered. At the moment in the min and max fields it has all the prices that have been entered and I am trying to tidy this up by having a query that will pull out properties with prices between two values. From the code below i get ཆ' in the min price box and 100000 in the max price box but no drop down. I deleted some old code:

{$MinPrice = $_POST['MinPrice'];}etc

and left with:

// Variables
$prices = array();
$MinPrice = 10;
$MaxPrice = 100000;

// Check for the post values (re: your post above)
if(isset($_POST['MinPrice']) && is_numeric($_POST['MinPrice'])) {$MinPrice = intval($_POST['MinPrice']);}if(isset($_POST['MaxPrice']) && is_numeric($_POST['MaxPrice'])) {$MaxPrice = intval($_POST['MaxPrice']);}