Flash :: Professional - Adobe CS3 Video Encoder - "An Internal Application Error Occurred"


I keep getting "An internal application error occurred" when I put in my video. (MPG) Running Windows XP The Encoder at work does not work but the Encoder at my house does.

2011-01-06 11:44:37 : ENCODING FAILED- Source file: M:UIVI_Video20110104145741.mpg- Output file: M:UIVI_Video20110104145741.flv- Video codec: On2 VP6- Alpha channel encoded: no- Deinterlace: no- Frame rate: 0 fps- Key frame interval: 0 frames- Video data rate: 400 kbps- Width: 0 pixels- Height: 0 pixels- Audio codec: MPEG Layer III (MP3)- Audio data rate: 96 kbps (stereo)- FLV duration: 00:00:00- Encoding time: 00:00:00