ActionScript 2.0 :: Mouse Click Attachmovie And For Loop?


I have 3 buttons and when I click them the attach movies corresponding to them from the library should show up. Issue is with for loops. It stops at last number. What should I do or use for loop so that when I click my invisible buttons, movie corresponding to them show up? and only that movie show up, not anyone else.

buttonArray = [btn,btn1,btn2]; //mouse click button
movieArray = ["mypopmc","mypopmc1","mypopmc2"]; //movie name;
mArray1 = [mypop_mc,mypop_mc1,mypop_mc2,]; //movie instance name
//dynamic text instance for 3 movies are y1,y2 and y3
for(n=0;n<buttonArray.length;n++) {


How could I create the for loop so that with every mouse click it shows the corresponding movie and text in it. It should show only 1 movie at a time with 1 mouse click on the invisible button (I meant corresponding movie).